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Firearm Safety Programs

If you want to learn Firearms Safety

Chose the Safest Person with a gun you will ever meet

There is a reason why Mathew Bayley is Chief Range & Safety Officer at the Gypsum Gun Club, The only Firearms Instructor to ever be granted an Outfitters Permit to teach Shooting Sports and Firearms Safety in the Holy Cross District of the White River National Forest, and the one Constant in Firearms Instruction in the Vail and Eagle Valleys for the last 20 years.

The Basics Firearms Skills

This class is best suited for a student with little to no shooting experience and a shooter who has not practiced in a long time and is in need of a refresher course. We can cover the safe handling of pistols, rifles, and shotguns.

Safe Firearm Handling

We will explore different types of guns and gun actions so that you can confidently load, fire, and unload a firearm. You will also learn how to inspect a firearm that is handed to you to ensure it is safe to handle and how to properly hand a firearm to another person. 

Firearm Maintenance

You will learn how to ensure a firearm is unloaded, how to break down a firearm, how to properly clean and lubricate the firearm, and how to reassemble the firearm and ensure it is ready to fire. 

Shooting Range Protocol and Safety

After this course, you will understand how to transport a firearm to a shooting range, range rules, and range etiquette so that you can confidently enjoy the sport of shooting for years to come.

On Target Premier Firearms Training

Fundamentals of Accurate Shooting

Matthew Bayley helps each student develop their own personal natural shooting platform with a solid grip, an accurate sight picture, and solid trigger control. Mr. Bayley teaches the skills of accurate shooting in a specific order and helps ensure mastery of each skill before teaching the next refinement. This form of mastery learning ensures that you develop a solid and stable shooting platform.

This complete firearms program allows you to pursue shooting sports with comfort that allows you to visit any shooting range on your own or with friends and family and know that you are a competent and safe shooter.

Recreation Shooting

Target Shooting Skills Development 

​There are many tricks of the trade that can help you develop your shooting skills on fixed targets. We will use direct feedback and video analysis to refine your shooting platform and work on specifics such as arm length and position, grip, and sight picture. Shot timers will help you refine your ability to control emotional/mental components, as they help simulate the intensity of shooting under pressure. For those who are interested in carrying a concealed handgun, we will specifically work on the proven techniques of drawing your firearm and acquiring your target.

"Matt taught me how to transport my handgun from (my holster, nightstand, or glove box), to bring it to my point of certainty (the ready position), and then acquire my target – I have never felt so confident in my ability with a handgun." - Lisa 

Shooting Targets, Clays, and Interactive Steel Targets 

Shooting clays and interactive steel targets bring a fun and exciting aspect to help develop your shooting skills. A few runs against another shooter on the dueling tree is sure to help you hone your trigger control, front sight placement, and target acquisition. Shooting moving and interactive targets with your whole family is a ton of fun and a great way to develop your shooting skills. I will work with you to design an exciting day where the focus is on developing shooting skills through interactive play.

On Target Premier Firearms Training

Birthday Parties, Private Shooting Events & Competitions

Family and friends getting together in the Vail Valley can enhance their ski vacation with a day at the range in private shooting events or competitions using pistols, rifles, and tactical shotguns. We can run a tactical course, compete on the dueling tree, and shoot traps – the possibilities are endless. Contact me now to design a shooting event that will be the crown jewel of your vacation – trophies and awards available with a few weeks' notice. 

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Concealed Carry & Advanced  Handgun Programs


The NRA Basic Pistol/Concealed Carry Class 

The NRA Basic Pistol Course is the Gold Standard in handgun safety training, and this curriculum requires solid firearms handling, safety, and shooting competence. It is the most thorough gun safety program in this regard.

A professional close-quarter combat instructor for over thirty years, multidiscipline NRA Certified Firearms Instructor Matt Bayley augments the NRA course by adding the fundamentals of a self-defense shooting. He articulates that while the student learns a great deal more information and practical training than required by law, there are limits to what anyone can learn in a one-day course. You will learn the fundamentals of safe gun handling and accurate shooting to a skill level that you are comfortable with going to a shooting range and practicing on your own. What you learn is; Meticulous handgun handling and safety, the foundation of a self-defense shooting, and the laws pertaining to carrying a concealed handgun. Half of this all-day class is devoted to shooting.

Video Support

Each student receives a memory card with the fundamentals of range safety and gun handling and the first lesson of the Applied Concealed Carry course. At the end of the day, students are videoed handling their guns at the shooting line and actively shooting. 

Food for thought: The decision to get a concealed carry permit and carry a handgun, all or part of the time, is arguably the most serious decision that you will ever make. You are making an intellectual and moral decision to, if necessary, use deadly force as a legal means to protect your life and the lives of your loved ones.

The facts:

 90% of self-defense shooting happens within 15 feet.

 Of these, 90% happen within 3 feet.

The "shoot or no shoot" distance for law enforcement is 21 feet. If a criminal with a knife or stick gets closer than 21 feet from a police officer, the protocol nationwide is to shoot and keep shooting until the threat is over. This means that there is a high probability that if you encounter a dangerous, violent criminal and need to use your firearm, it will happen at a distance that law enforcement professionals try to avoid at all costs. I developed the self-protection component with these statistics in mind. There are "Tricks to the trade" when protecting yourself at close quarters. If you are determined to learn how to protect yourself and your loved ones with firearms, who better to learn from than an expert in close-quarter fighting?

Applied Concealed Carry

According to the Department of Justice Studies, 90% of attacks on men and women happen in the same way. I've been teaching men, women, and children to defend themselves for close to 40 years, and the one thing I have learned is to "keep it simple." With half a dozen concealed carry techniques, anyone can defend themselves and their family against 90% of possible attacks. This one-day course will teach you what to do and how to practice your new skills to perfect your ability to protect yourself with a concealed handgun.

Clear – moving your firearm from the holster, bag, etc.
Draw -
Engagement Position – without the gun leaving your body
Engage -
Movement – fight forward/backward with either foot
Retreating safely

The applied carry class is open to anyone who has a Concealed Hand Gun permit, not just my students. I make my points by using analogies, so I will be brief. A courageous, strong, fast athlete has an OK chance in a fistfight. But a Golden Gloves boxer not only has developed greater skills but understands the science of fighting. I am offering men and women who have the determination to be able to protect their families the science of close-quarter defense and the concealed carry draw.

Advanced Applied Concealed Carry

The Advanced Applied Concealed Carry is the logical next step after you take the Basic Pistol and Applied Concealed Carry Course.

 a. Advanced Concealed Carry Draw
 b. Close Quarter engagement in any direction
 c. Shooting from your knees, from your back, and around corners
 d. Engaging multiple attackers
 e. Magazine exchange
 f. Fixing malfunctions in a self-defense scenario
 g. The tricks of shooting in unorthodox scenarios

Regardless of the type of firearms classes a student wants to pursue, Matt Bayley's lifetime practicing and teaching martial arts and his expert close-quarter firearms skills offer each student shooting lessons from a gifted, experienced instructor who puts his student's safety and success above all else. And for people who are determined to learn how to protect themselves and their loved ones with firearms, who better to learn how to defend yourself with a gun than an expert in close-quarter fighting?

On Target Premier Firearms Training

Urban Combat Training for Civilians

The driving force behind this program is simple – how good do you want to get? As an instructor, my job is to give each student the amount of self-defense training they feel they need to reasonably cover the threats that they may encounter in their life. As a student becomes aware of what they are capable of handling, they become clear on the level of threat they cannot handle. One aspect of this is tool transition – how to move from hands to blades to sticks to a gun. And how to transition from a handgun to a long gun. This is not a martial arts program – but the nature of urban combat with a firearm precludes the ability to use your gun as a club, spear, or hammer – as a gun is an extension of your hand, the pursuit of urban combat skills necessitates the perfection of a select few arm and leg strikes. This is adaptive urban fighting, and depending on your age and physical condition, the techniques that Master Bayley shares with you will be curtailed to your exact needs and abilities. The curriculum will be specifically designed for your learning needs and use your environment and surroundings to your tactical advantage. 

​Mathew Bayley brings one more set of skills to the shooting programs he offers. At age sixty-six, Grand Master of the Martial Artist (7th degree Black Belt) Mathew Bayley has been training to fight, fighting, and teaching others how to win a fight for close to half a century. Matt has studied under, trained with, and been the instructor of members of elite fighting units from every branch of the service, specializing in close quarter, empty hand, knife, and stick fighting. Before retiring, Matt was a POST-Certified defensive tactics instructor for law enforcement, working primarily with SWAT teams. Grand Master Bayley has instructed well over ten thousand martial arts students and close to 20,000 students covering all aspects of personal and family self-protection.

Anyone who has studied with Mathew Bayley is clear that he is Heart Attack serious about firearms safety. At the same time, he possesses a lively sense of humor and always finds a positive way to make corrections.

A student who has been taking a lesson with instructor Bayley for the last five years observed, "his teaching style is the perfect blend of John Wayne and Robin Williams." He makes Recreational shooting safe and really fun, and for people who are determined to learn how to protect themselves and their loved ones with firearms, who better to learn from than an expert in close-quarter fighting?

Mathew Bayley offers each student shooting lessons from a gifted, experienced instructor who puts his students' safety and success above all else.

​Girls n Guns

Women's Recreational & Defense Shooting Pistol Program

20 Years Developing this Specialized Program

Among the world of shooters who have dedicated their lives to perfecting their chosen sport are much like golfers who strive to become scratch golfers.

The Term "Shoots Like a Girl "is one of the higher compliments. Women are naturally better shooters than men. I could say Tic off 1/6 of a dozen reasons why God gave women natural gifts, mental, emotional, and physical, attributes that enable them to gracefully master firearms and the process of expert marksman while most men have to bull work through the process. ---------- Hence the phrase, "shoots like a girl."

Instructor Bayley offers classes for all levels of shooters, from Very Beginners to advanced hand gunners.

1. Introduction to Firearms Safety and Shooting Skills for Beginners (no prior firearms experience needed) – learn to feel comfortable going to shooting and shooting next to other shooters. Practice your new gun handling and shooting skills.

2. Basic Concealed Carry Certification Class

An NRA Certified Basic Pistol and Certified Home Protection Meet Colorado state law requirements for the concealed carry permit: 4 hours of classroom time. Firing range work to demonstrate basic competence in pistol handling and shooting proficiency. Heavy on shooting practice.

3. Applied Concealed Carry: Practicing real word self-defense shooting situations from your concealed handgun. Developing drawing your handgun from concealment and quickly and accurately engaging the threat.

4. Advanced Tactical Shooting for Personal Defense:

Learning the skills to engage, surprise attack from close quarters, and defense against multiple attackers. Step forward or backward with either foot while drawing your handgun. Shooting from your knees, from the ground, and around corners. How to use your environment to give you the advantage while protecting yourself.

Gun Retention and gun disarm.

The Term "Shoots Like a Girl "is one of the higher compliments.

Women are naturally better shooters than men. I could Tic off 1/6 a dozen reasons why God gave women natural gifts, mental, emotional, and physical attributes, that enable women to master the process of becoming experts in close-quarter defense with a firearm, while most men have to bull work through the process. ---------- Hence the phrase: "Shoots like a girl."

Women Practicing Shooting standing to the knees to the back and back to the knees and feet continually shooting, without using the hand to go down or stand up.

Women Practicing shooting out of a car window in a carjacking or road rage scenario.

Why women and their daughters seek out Matt Bayley for safety and self-defense firearms instruction:

Girl Scouts of America, Wagon Wheel Council, National Certificate of Appreciation for developing the Teen Alert Program and teaching self-defense to thousands of young women, from Brownies to cadets, over a ten-year period.

  • As a consultant to the United States Air Force Academy, developed the Women Cadets Self-Defense Program.
  • Consultant for safety and training at Colorado College for 12 years
  • Commendation from Colorado's Commissioner of Education for his work at the Colorado School for the Deaf and Blind.
  • The YMCA, Boys and Girls Clubs, and the Myron Stratton Home for at-risk young women, are just a few of the civic groups that utilized his services.
  • A certified NRA firearms instructor and an 8th-degree black belt – he teaches a complete, practical women's practical self-defense skills and tactics program that teaches students much more than simple target practice.