Mathew Bayley

Over the last two decades, multidiscipline NRA Instructor Mathew Bayley has been the one constant in firearms safety and shooting instruction, teaching over 99% of all formal shooting programs in the Vail and Eagle Valleys.

Because of his reputation for meticulous firearms and shooting range safety protocols, in the History of the Holy Cross District of the White River National Forest, Mathew Bayley is the only firearm instructor to be given an Outfitters Permit to teach firearms safety and shooting skills. In a field where there is no margin for error, Mr. Bayley has been the primary firearm instructor at the Gypsum Gun Club since 2005.

Giving back to shooting sports: For over a decade, Mathew has been the driving force behind and current President of the Minturn Shooters Association. A volunteer group that maintains and cleans the Minturn (Two Elk Shooting Range) on a monthly basis during the summer shooting season.

As an expert firearm practitioner, his skill as a teacher has been recognized for decades. Matt has received dozens of awards and recommendations from civic and educational organizations, including:

1. A Commendation from the Commissioner of Education for the State of Colorado:

For his work at the:

Colorado School for the Deaf and Blind.

"His contribution to the students at the Colorado School for the Deaf and Blind has been outstanding and unique. His "magic touch" here, has added a dimension that cannot be measured. "

Gordon L. Kaufman, Superintendent, January 22nd, 1988

2. California State Police:
As the California State Police

 Crime Prevention Coordinator.

In my opinion, Mr. Bayley is one of the most talented and concerned instructors I have had the opportunity to observe.

Joseph C. Carbone, Sergeant
California State Police, September 12th, 1988

Mathew Bayley brings one more set of skills to the shooting programs he offers. At age sixty-eight, a Grand Master of the Martial Artist (7th degree Black Belt) Mathew Bayley has been training to fight, fighting, and teaching others how to win a fight for close to half a century. Matt has studied under, trained with, and been the instructor of members of elite fighting units from every branch of the service, specializing in close quarter, empty hand, knife, and stick fighting. Before retiring, Matt was a POST-Certified defensive tactics instructor for law enforcement, working primarily with SWAT teams. Grand Master Bayley has instructed well over ten thousand martial arts students and close to 20,000 students, covering all aspects of personal and family self-protection.

Anyone who has studied with Mathew Bayley is clear that he is Heart Attack serious about firearms safety. At the same time, he possesses a lively sense of humor and always finds a positive way to make corrections.

A student who has been taking a lesson with instructor Bayley for the last five years observed, "his teaching style is the perfect blend of John Wayne and Robin Williams."
Matt Bayley makes Firearms Safety & Recreational Shooting really fun. For people who are determined to learn how to protect themselves and their loved ones with firearms, who better to learn from than an expert in close-quarter fighting?

Mathew Bayley offers each student shooting lessons from a gifted, experienced instructor who puts his students' safety and success above all else.

Foot Note: Your time and money are valuable commodities, and the pursuit of learning how to safely and effectively use firearms is not something the instructor you choose should take lightly. Whether you are interested in learning how to safely and effectively use firearms or you are looking to take your skills to the next level, the instructor you choose should put your safety and success above all else. In time, as I develop my web site I will make available a section with dozens of similar testimonial, for the discerning client.

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