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On Target Premier Firearms Training
On Target Premier Firearms Training

Firearms Safety & Recreational Shooting Lessons

All On Target classes and private lessons are personally taught by Mathew Bayley, a multidisciplined NRA-Certified instructor, POST Certified Defensive Tactics instructor for law enforcement, a close-quarter combat instructor, working with all branches of the military, and a 7th-degree black belt in Chinese Martial Arts. Matt Bayley makes Firearms Safety & Recreational Shooting really fun. For people who are determined to learn how to protect themselves and their loved ones with firearms, who better to learn from than an expert in close-quarter fighting?

Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

"Sam & I want to thank you for the professional level of safety and basic pistol training you provided during the course. I know you have had many testimonials like this but add it to your list. It was definitely one of the best decisions we have made together."

— Jim

"Matt, You are a terrific educator and my wife and I greatly enjoyed your basic pistol shooting course. I have not fired a gun recently but now I am able to safely enjoy exercising my second amendment rights. We are looking forward to more of your courses."

— Drew